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vanessahcsmSA Founder – Vanessa Carter
Vanessa is an award-winning entrepreneur and was a creative director for 18 years. She is a professional ePatient activist for MRSA (Antibiotic Resistance) and Facial Differences from South Africa. She is an advisory board member for Doctors 2.0 and You (Associated to Stanford Medicine X), EyeforPharma, InfectionControl.Tips as well as a member of The Walking Gallery of Healthcare. Read more here.


Sponsorship opportunities

Sponsor us or simply re-share this page, they both add value to our campaign

hcsmSA is a virtual geographic eHealth community platform on Twitter. There are currently over 30 global hcsm communities, a comprehensive geographic list is available on Symplur. The South African hcsm TweetChat takes place monthly to discuss various issues pertaining to the health sector. Topics are modelled around the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). We encourage all of our members to submit topics so that we focus on a broad range of concerns. Our members include patient advocates, charities, pharmaceutical companies, doctors, medical educators, policy-makers, event organisers, scientists, entrepreneurs, payers, IT developers and more. We value every stakeholder because we believe it promotes diversity in health design as well as a more holistic problem-solving approach.

hcsmSA is focused on local issues, however, we also invite international experts so that our local members can benefit from their knowledge. Because we meet virtually, discussions are accessible, frequent and cost-effective.

Our TweetChat transcripts are recorded by Symplur Global Health Analytics and the data is made available to the general public and government for research and development purposes.

What is hcsmSA? (Health Care Social Media South Africa)
Understanding hcsmSA and discussing issues from diverse and inclusive perspectives. Watch the original high-resolution video on YouTube. Read more about #SDG3 (Good health and well-being).

The hcsmSA vision
Leave no one behind, we need to break down silos and hierarchy and work together. Disease travels not only by air or sea but also through the reproductive process. Understanding the evolutionary determinants by collecting holistic, user-driven data will impact every single human on earth. The only system that could ever improve quality disease surveillance is an interconnected, inclusive global ONE. Our vision is to educate and empower every stakeholder with the skills to participate and engage, even if at a basic level. Technology can’t solve our global threats alone. ICTs need to be the bridge, but the people need to be the drivers. We question where the Internet of People fits into the future of eHealth and technology.



Sponsorship requirements

ICT Sponsorship
It can be a challenging task moderating a global eHealth chat with up to 78 participants on a slow connection.

We would love to promote your brand on our multiple social media platforms and at the global events we attend. Corporate social investment and socioeconomic development should start from a grass-roots level, which is why we encourage citizen participation in our monthly chats. 

Read more about the SDG’s and access to ICT’s in our recent Twitter chat with ITU‘ Chief of Strategy, Doreen Bogdan-Martin as well as other expert guests Taryn Springhall (eHealthNewsZA & eHealthALIVE), Prof. Natalie Schellack (SASOCP & Sefako Makgatho University), Manish Sharma (HCITexperts India) and Egide Haragirimana (GP Registrar at Burundi University).

What are ICT’s and how can they change our health sector? We often forget about the hardware like 3D printers, bioprinters, access to smartphones and nanotechnology. They collect data too for 21st-century cures with a reliable connection Read more here.


2009 – Madiba speaks via video to ITU Telecom World 2009

As late as 2009, Nelson Mandela continued to support the work of ITU. Speaking via video link at the opening ceremony of ITU TELECOM WORLD 2009, he underlined that “information and communication technologies are the single most powerful tool we have for human progress” and urged participants to “support efforts to connect the world and bridge the digital divide”. read more



Travel and Accommodation
Our moderator often attends local and global events which can be costly. She attends as a speaker on most occasions and in the past, some of these conference organisers have appointed her to the advisory board  (e.g. Doctors 2.0 and You and EyeforPharma). During the past four years, crowdfunding on various international platforms like Medstartr have raised the basic funding, however, a committed local sponsor would be more practical. Your brand would be represented at the events as well as on the hcsmSA social media platforms and websites.

Upcoming events that require corporate sponsorship
HIMSS 2017 – Orlando, Orange County, USA, accepted as a Social Media ambassador Februrary 2017
Woman of Substance South Africa – Johannesburg – 11 March 2017 – Adjudicator as previous winner
EyeforPharma Global Awards 2017 – Barcelona – 14-16 March 2017 – International ePatient Judge and VIP guest
Stanford University Medicine X | Ed 2017 – Medical education digital platform abstract accepted for presentation as a rapid report for research findings in South Africa
Stanford University Medicine X  – Attending as an ePatient and hcsmSA

Please contact our moderator here if you are interested in providing corporate sponsorship or to partner as an NPO. Alternatively send a Direct Message (DM) through our social media channels. 


Past events attended in 2016
Doctors 2.0 and You, Paris – Cité Internationale Universitaire de Paris – May 2016 – Panel Discussion Moderator – (Sponsor: Docola and IDavatars)
Edinburgh St Andrews Consortium for Molecular Pathology, Informatics and Genome Sciences – Edinburgh University, 31 May 2016
Dollyat20 Festival featuring the Roslin Institute and Sir. Ian Wilmut – Bioethics – Edinburgh University event, 1-3 June 2016
Eyeforpharma Europe – London, Canary Wharf, June 2016 – ePatient advisor and panel discussion about clinical trials (Antibiotic Resistance) – (Sponsor: Docola)
RareX, Cape Town – 18-22 October 2016 – (Scholarship provided by Rare Diseases South Africa)
Meditech South Africa – October 2016 – User’s conference – ePatient Presentation
Maynooth University – Global eHealth Connect – Ireland – 22 November 2016 – ePatient Speaker, Panel Member, Workshop for Digital Empowerment – (Sponsor: Maynooth University)
Health Informatics Society of Ireland (#HISI2016) – Dublin – 17 November 2016 – Digital Empowerment Workshop presented with Dr. Jamie Saris (Department of Anthropology at Maynooth University and co-chair of the Global Diseases of Poverty Consortium) – (Sponsor: Maynooth University)
Giant Health Event – London – 19 November 2016 – Special global guest – (Part Funding by Giant Health Event)
Women Advancement Forum Africa – 4-8 December 2016, Sandton, Johannesburg – eWomen Digital Empowerment Workshop and eHealth Panel Discussion Moderator


educationhcsmSA – Digital Empowerment Courses for eHealth in South Africa
Everyone should be empowered to understand how to use social media and the web for healthcare. Education is a major factor towards improving user engagement, quality of data and care. Imagine doctors knew how to stay informed about mobile apps, bioprinting, nanotechnology, wearables and refer patients to online communities for support? Imagine they could prescribe technology which they were never taught about in medical school? This  is the future but our providers haven’t been given the resources to prepare.

hcsmSA is developing a course with a local professional CPD institute to educate HCP’s in South Africa. The course will also extend out to the local community in areas such as women empowerment, community workers, charities, advocates and nurses. A corporate sponsor is required for the production of the course as well as the #hcsmSA TweetChat which is utilised towards researching the academic content from diverse citizen perspectives. Read the abstract here to understand precision population health. Our research findings have been accepted for presentation as a rapid report at Stanford University’s Medicine X | Ed 2017 in Silicon Valley on 22-23 April 2017.

Preview sample workshop

e-Health Providers Digital Empowerment Workshops
Digital Communication Module
Course 1: Basic overview of e-Patients and e-Health