Physical Disability – Youth Ambassador (Gauteng)



Gauteng, Youth Ambassador – South Africa

UI/UX Designer
University of Johannesburg

Hi, My name is Leonard Ngobeni and I believe we live in a “DigitalEra”, where technology has become a major factor for improving the quality of our lives. I grew up in Gauteng, South Africa. I am a Qualified Multimedia Designer who specializes in UI/UX Design. If you’re not familiar with those terms, take a look at this article on Wikipedia:

My love and passion are to help people and the world through design. I absolutely love my craft and everything that comes with it. I appreciate the people I meet, the places I go, the hours I keep, and the sleepless nights of trying to meet deadlines.
I believe hard work pays off so I give my best in everything I do, no matter how good or bad the situation. Making the best out of a bad situation is what I do as a designer. Solving problems, creating meaning and understanding in the world by finding solutions to existing and non-existing problems though design thinking.

I love conscious designing that makes people think. As a designer my mission is to change people’s perspective of how they interpret each other and their environment. The idea is to develop a strong visual language and identity that people can relate to and interact with. I’m an ePatient from a previously disadvantaged background who has experienced the impact of how technology and design have improved my life through assistive devices. The devices include mobile apps (#mHealth), 3D printing and physical aids such as wheelchairs.

I am currently working on a research project about developing a mobile app to assist patients with physical challenges. The app aims to help patients navigate spaces to enable them to be safe at all times in any given location. The app will also equip patients with the skills to be independent in terms of being in control of their own lives.

I want to contribute towards the change and development of South African Health due to the fact that firstly I happen to be an ePatient, which means I have experienced the impact of technology in my life and want to use it to empower me and others, secondly I happen to be a User Experience Designer which means I understand the process of developing solutions to problems through design. Innovation is about constantly improving existing ideas and also developing new ideas I believe I can and have done that.