How to participate in a #hcsmSA Twitter chat







Read the blog
 and questions
Read the blog first to understand the topic.
A link to the blog can be found for each chat on the home page of the hcsmSA website (
Answer questions beforehand if you are a guest so that you feel less nervous during the session.
Remember, the character limit is 280 on Twitter and 140 on a chat platform,
therefore write your answers beforehand with this in mind.
Answer as many times as you like, the more insight the better!
Start each question with the relevant T and number (eg. T1, T2, T3).
Questions are at the top of the blog which is written for each chat.
Answer each T and number only after the moderator (@hcsmSA) prompts.
Questions will be prompted every ten minutes after introductions.



ign into your Twitter account




Desktop only
Open a second web window and sign into a chat platform like
Enter with the chat hashtag #hcsmSA, making sure it is spelt correctly.
A group of other attendees will appear on your screen and you will be inside a chat room.
Make sure you are signed in as yourself by confirming it on the top right of your screen.
Chat platforms automatically end your tweets with the correct hashtag which simplifies things!, only allows for 140 characters, bear this in mind when preparing your answers beforehand.

Mobile or Desktop
You can participate in a chat directly on Twitter by following the hashtag during the
hour as well as making sure that you include it in your own tweets.
Make sure the hashtag is spelt correctly (#hcsmSA).
We also record a transcript of the chat using the hashtag.
The character limit on Twitter is 280 characters per tweet.





First 5 minutes for introductions!
Introduce yourself first and answer the questions after they are asked
Join the chat by introducing yourself first. We spend the first 5 minutes of the session before questions to do this. If you join after the questions have started, please do still join by telling others who you are. This is a great way to make it possible for others to know about your work and connect with you afterwards. As much as the chat is designed to promote conversation, it’s also an important place to network virtually. If you decide not to join but follow, this is called lurking and we ask you say a quick hello then too, so others know you are there.


Keep tweeting for the sake of health!
Once you participate in your first healthcare Twitter chat, you will realise just how easy it is! #hcsmSA is a geographic chat that takes place monthly focusing on various issues pertaining to Sustainable Health Development in South Africa, particularly in relation to digital transformation. Sessions are always open to the public and we welcome past guests to rejoin future topics or submit ideas around chats they would like to see. The community continues after the chats using the hashtag #hcsmSA to share news, help us to grow the network by including it in your tweets. To search for ongoing Tweetchats relevant to your field globally, visit the Symplur healthcare hashtag project here.

  1. Chats are public. Even if you use a platform like, they still show on your timeline. Think before you tweet! Read more about maintaining a good digital footprint here.
  2. Please respect other members of the community and show courtesy at all times.
    Refer to the Twitter Terms and Conditions of use. Disrespectful behaviour can be reported.
  3. Don’t be afraid to lurk, although participation is always encouraged, even if the topic is not within your expertise, your voice matters.
  4. Visit to check out the analytics and transcript which is open to the public.
  5. If you don’t understand a question from the moderator, don’t be afraid to speak up and ask for clarity!
  6. Use this opportunity to network with other stakeholders and follow them on Twitter.
  7. When entering the Twitter chat, first introduce yourself and tell other members what you do so they get to know you.
  8. If you agree with a members perspective in a chat, go ahead and retweet (RT) them to show you support their idea.
  9. The chat runs for 60 minutes, but you can join in at any time.
  10. Start answers with the relevant T’s and number for transcript purposes.
  11. Answer each question after the moderator prompts but keep answers coming even if we move onto the next one. We don’t want to miss out on your views!
  12. Both panel experts and public attendees are invited to participate because everyone’s perspective counts!
  13. Sessions are open publicly to all healthcare stakeholders including doctors, nurses, scientists, patients, charities, NGO’s, payers, policymakers, government, academia, students, entrepreneurs, journalists, IT developers, designers, journalists, veterinarians, agricultural experts, economists, food chain, event organisers, environmentalists, data scientists, etc. both locally and globally.
  14. Please do not advocate for any medical cures that are not evidence-based in our community.
  15. Use the hashtag (#hcsmSA) in all of your tweets or you won’t be visible in the chat.





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